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Sesilaso - January 15, 2019

Project no. 1: Wolf's Laser

A project from Wolfcord's labteam


Wolf's laser is a great projectile with his speed, hitbox on both the projectile and Wolf himself and damage.
The usage of it can force an approach from the opponent, help you keep safe pressure and condition your opponent but it has its drawbacks and counterplays.

Frame Data

As of patch 1.2.0 this is laser's frame data and advantage (Thanks Poi):
- Animation length: 55 frames
- FAF: 50
- B-reverse window: 1-4
- Bayonet active hitbox: 15-19
- Laser generated: 17
The laser hit on shield at a distance of 5 Training mode units (Big squares, the ones numbered) gives Wolf 2 frames of advantage but if parried, the opponent has 8 frames of advantage over Wolf. From such distance, characters with bad air mobility can barely if at all punish Laser on reaction using a short hop. If anticipated, any character can of course punish. To get a punish using a short hop on laser, the opponent has to jump in the first 13 frames (221 ms).

Character Possible Punishes

This is a brief list of character options to punish laser that out lab team found, refer to the character specific Discord to get more info, for a list of the official Discord click here
- The cape is a reflector, the cape can also be used out of a short hop for a somewhat safe approach to standing laser
- SH neutral b can be used on standing laser with follow-ups if mario is close enough.
- Fludd can also be used as a landing option after avoiding the laser to get Wolf off his spot while he’s in endlag from neutral b, but unless it’s fully charged it’s generally better for him to attack
Donkey Kong
Grounded up b can be used as an approach with it’s invulnerability frames on startup
Link / Young Link / Toon Link
- Shield blocks projectiles; can still be hit in the head or feet (when on platforms)
- Thrown bombs can be used to bounce off of lasers
Samus / Dark Samus
- Can fire Charge Shot if they read a laser attempt, as the two projectiles don’t interact
- Can eat lasers for 1% healing (lol)
- Can crouch under lasers

- Shine

- Can crawl under lasers

- Can crouch under laser
- Can absorb laser with PSI Magnet healing 9/10/13/11 percent from close to far depending on range

- Can crouch under laser

Peach / Daisy
- Can mix up floats to move around lasers
- Turnips interact with lasers in midair

- Fsmash can continue through taking a laser hit after startup, or in some cases hit the laser out of the air
- Dsmash has a period where he will not flinch to a laser along with the first hitbox, however use seems limited

Ice Climbers
- Neutral b can intercept lasers, sometimes being reflected back in their face sometimes bouncing around like an idiot and hitting wolf

- Needles and laser don’t interact
- Lasers can be punished from a distance with Bouncing Fish
- Can crawl under lasers

- Can use Nayru’s Love to reflect lasers
- Farore’s Wind can be used as a strong ranged punish if Zelda reads a laser attempt
- Phantom Knight blocks lasers while it’s active

Dr. Mario
- Can use cape to reflect lasers

- Can crawl under lasers

- Can reflect lasers and hit Wolf with the reflector hitbox if he’s close enough

- Can use Shadow Ball if he reads a laser, since the two projectiles don’t interact
- Can use Confusion to reflect lasers

Mr. Game & Watch
- Can use lasers to charge bucket

Meta Knight
- Can use Dimensional Cape as a fast, medium-ranged, intangible punish to lasering
- Multiple jumps can make laser a liability (since he has the speed to whiff punish them)

Pit / Dark Pit
- Upperdash Arm / Electroshock Arm super armor can be used to hard punish point-blank laser; both specials also reflect laser, but leave them very exposed from a distance if baited
- Guardian Orbitars reflect lasers, but they have a lot of endlag and can be baited out

Zero Suit Samus
- Can use Flip Jump as an extra movement option to get around lasers; can be used to punish lasers from medium range

- Can eat lasers to heal 1% (lel)
- Bike blocks lasers

- Can crawl under lasers
- Grenades can block lasers, albeit inconsistently due to a very small hurtbox
- Nikita blocks laser, but it also diverts its own trajectory which, in turn, is Wolf’s counterplay to it

- Can crawl under lasers
- Side b armor can be used to go through lasers

- Razor Leaf is just as spammable (with much less range), and the projectiles don’t interact

- Can use Flare Blitz to armor through lasers for a deadly punish

Diddy Kong
- Monkey Flip can be used to avoid lasers and, either, attack Wolf, or re-position
- Rocketbarrels can be purposely triggered with lasers to create an unpredictable projectile

Lucas counterplay options
- Can absorb laser PSI Magnet

King Dedede
- Can spit back lasers with Inhale

- Pikmin absorb lasers, especially yellow Pikmin since they resist the hitbox’s electric effect
- Down b super armor can at times be used to absorb a laser and punish due to low endlag

- Can fire Aura Sphere if they read a laser attempt, as the two projectiles don’t interact
- Double Team can be used to punish lasers

- Can reflect with side b (not advisable)
- Gyro blocks laser

- Can reflect lasers
- Can awoo to assert dominance

- Pockets laser
- Lloid Rocket blocks lasers
- Tree blocks lasers

Wii Fit Trainer
- Can fire Sun Salutation if they read a laser attempt, as the two projectiles don’t interact
- Soccer ball can be used to block laser, but it also throws it back at them so not the best option

Luma & Rosalina
- Luma blocks laser, but that means anywhere from 6-8 HP off of its lifespan (50HP)
- Gravitational Pull

Little Mac
- Super armor on smashes, but then… he’s using smashes
- Jolt Haymaker can be used to jump over lasers and attack Wolf (around mid-range)

- Water Shuriken can be spammed faster than Wolf’s laser
- Shadow Sneak can be used to avoid lasers and counterattack

Mii Brawler
- Down special 1 - Can jump over the laser to land on top of wolf as a punish from around 15 units away.
- Down special 2 - Acts similar to Down 1 but from slightly further away ~25 units.
- Neutral 1 - Can block the laser after it has bounced once.
- Neutral 3 - Has armor after it’s startup and will not be stunned by laser hits.

Mii Swordfish
- Down 2 - is a good reflector.

Mii Gunner
- Side 1 - A pillar of fire that blocks projectiles.
- Down 1 - Reflector, also has a hitbox on startup.
- Down 2 - a mine that interacts with lasers.
- Down3 - Functional clone of ness’s reflector.

- Dash attack and back air shield invincibility to go through lasers (even at point-blank)
- Auto-reticle can be used to counter-spam vs laser spam
- Counter can trigger into reflect with lasers, but can be baited

- Fruits block lasers with their hurtboxes
- Pac fruit during side b can be hit, which PAC-MAN can then eat to regain health; side b super armor to go through lasers
- Hydrant blocks laser

- Can fire neutral B if they read a laser attempt, as the projectiles don’t interact
- Arcfire flame pillar blocks lasers

- Laser usage can be a liability when Shulk is in speed Art

Bowser Jr.
- Can use Clown Kart armor during side b to approach through laser (inconsistent)

Duck Hunt
- Can completely destroys lasers if it has just been shot, but is sent backwards if it is sitting on the ground.
- Clay pigeon and lasers destroy each other.
- The Hogans Alley guys can be used as a shield temporarily for lasers allowing for follow ups.

Ryu / Ken
- Focus Attack can be used to take a laser and approach, Ken’s focus attack works differently and has fewer frames to not get hit.

Lasers charge limit :v
- Blade Beam and laser don’t interact

- Pin puts them high enough to avoid grounded laser

- Can Witch Time lasers

- Splat Bomb blocks lasers
- Can dash under lasers.

Simon / Richter
- Holy Water bottle blocks lasers before breaking

King K. Rool
- Belly armor attacks can be used to muscle through lasers, but it weakens the armor
- Blunderbuss spits back lasers
- Counter reflects lasers

- Pockets laser

- Can trigger Revenge with lasers

Piranha Plant
- Plant gang
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