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Dingus Joe - April 29, 2017

If you're a Mr. Game and Watch main then you should already be aware of the toot toot combo (downthrow to upair). Much like DK's Ding Dong, the toot toot is pretty much a free KO for G&W as long as he grabs you in the right percents. Now it has come to my attention that many G&W mains don't realize how vital this kill confirm is; basically if you rely on your invincible upsmash (or other kill options) more than the toot toot, you'll never advance past mid level play. The Toot Toot is pretty much our only true kill confirm and you must use it.

To be a high level player for any character, you gotta know your kill confirms. You will never run into a solid DK that doesn't know his Ding Dong percents, however for G&W mains, this isn't the case. I haven't met a single G&W who has labbed anything past the non-rage percents for toot toot. This is absolutely crazy to me! (Especially since windboxes are affected by rage making the windows wonky for when it kills). Seriously, why don't G&W mains lab this out more!! Perhaps we just don't take take the game as seriously, I mean we did pick the silliest character as our main. Besides that, it still perplexes me.

Anyway currently I'm trying to lab toot toot percents for every character in the cast, including rage percents. To all other G&W mains I suggest you do the same. It's actually amazing the difference it made for me in competitive play and I'm only half way done with the cast! I started killing much earlier much more often.

Heres a clip of how early the toot toot can kill. 

If you really want to become a solid G&W then make toot toot your goal in a match. Of course, continue to go for nines and upsmash reads if you can, but make going for the toot toot your main focus. We will put this argueably high tier character on the map!

Welp that's my first blog post about Mr. Game and Watch. I'll probably make more of these about G&W's moves that I believe are underused/underrated. Thanks for reading


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Toot Toot
Zephyr - May 2, 2017
Hmm. Was expecting some actual tips and facts. Instead this post is mostly repromanding g&w mains. Disappointing
Wood - August 31, 2017

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