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Bayonetta and Mindset

Techless - May 3, 2017

I have seen so many people have so many issues with Bayonetta and instantly write it off anything people do with her as bullshit and just continue to get angry. I wanted to share something that, at least for myself, really helps.

Bayonetta is designed not the greatest as a character, I think anyone can agree that her advantage state and disadvantage state don't really balance each other out. However, there is one thing I see in her character design is rage.

I think Bayonetta is well designed in this one aspect. She is designed to evoke negative emotions from her opponent. Her taunts are sassy, her moves are flamboyant, her moves are stylish, and let's not forget her comboes and Witch Time. And heck, her winquotes are taunts in themselves.

Something I always see is people complaining when things happen with Bayonetta a stock is lost. People always get salty when Bayo wins. This is what the character does, she gets you frustrated. And when you are frustrated you make more mistakes and you become more predictable and want to end things faster. Bayo's ability to capitalize on predictable play and kill you for it.

Bayo is designed to tilt you and wins for tilting you.

This is why I want to say this. Why you are playing against Bayo, do everything you can to enjoy yourself. If something dumb happens during the game, laugh it off. If you are enjoying yourself you will do a lot less stupid stuff than when you play angry. I know this doesn't seem like much coming from someone who has no results, but just try it.

Stop telling yourself you are losing because the character is jank. Tell yourself that you are losing because you are playing too predictably, because that's what Bayonetta helps you with. Just enjoy yourself and you should be able to learn something from playing Bayonetta rather than just leaving salty.

This probably doesn't sound as good as I want it to, but it's something I want to say.

TL;DR Be like LocusImage result for LocusLooksLike

(This is a repost from a Twitlonger in a much more permenant area.)

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Great read.
Emperor Eevee - May 9, 2017

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