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Growing on Twitter

Cagt - May 13, 2017

Hey guys!

If you don't know me, my name's Cagt, and I'm a Smash 4 Little Mac player. I made this post in the New England Smash 4 Facebook group, and thought I'd share it with you all here as well.

Recent on Twitter, I promised on Twitter that I'd help people grow their social media game, and get them more noticed on Twitter:

Well, this is exactly what this post is about: giving everyone essential tips and advice to growing on Twitter, and getting noticed by other scenes/top players (yes this is gonna be a long post, you've been warned).

I'll preface by saying this: if you haven't made a Twitter, MAKE ONE RIGHT NOW. Having a twitter account allows you to follow the competitive scene much more effectively, and is the absolute best way to get yourself noticed in competitive Smash 4 (outside of getting results of course). Even if you're not interested in becoming a top player, I still HIGHLY recommend making one. And if you're even remotely interested in pursuing a sponsorship, it is VITAL you have an active Twitter account.

Now obviously, the best way to get a bigger following on Twitter is to get results. That's a given. But there are a lot of other factors that many people ignore/don't know about, and I want to go over them:

  1. BE ACTIVE ON TWITTER. If you only tweet once every 3-4 days, or rarely like/retweet things, that's your biggest issue. Remember, most people are following hundreds of players, so if you rarely say anything, not only will your followers not see your content, but the Twitter system will basically "hide" your tweets from followers because you're not very active/they don't interact with you. You have to be active EVERYDAY in order to go with the flow.

  2. INTERACT WITH PEOPLE. If you rarely/never interact with other players, it'll make your account look like a diary. Doesn't matter if it's other NE players, or even top players, you have to get yourself out there. Don't be scared to interact with other top players, they're human as well. It shows that you're active and actually follow people instead of just being "another follow".

  3. MIX-UP TWEETS AND RE-TWEETS. No one likes to see a guy's profile with only their tweets in it. It makes you look really bland and boring. On the other hand, if you only re-tweet stuff, you'll look like a bot. Have a good mix of both, and create a theme for your profile. That way, it gives people an idea of who you are, and what you like. It lives up your profile and makes yourself more likeable. Mix-up what you re-tweet as well: whether it's other player's posts you agree with, or memes, or whatever else. Give yourself an image that fits YOU and only YOU.

  4. FOLLOW EVERYONE IN YOUR SCENE/DISCORD. Everyone should be following everyone in New England. We're here to grow and support each other, so doing that on Twitter shows you have at least some base following within your region. It helps everyone, trust me. Additionally, join your character discords, and be active there as well. Follow people in your discord. That's the best way to reach out to other scenes and get yourself known.

  5. CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR COMMUNITY. Being part of a community is one thing, but helping out in it boosts your presence by ten-folds. Whether it's combo clips, montages, memes, photoshop work, streaming, TO work, or whatever else you can think of, putting work within your community shows you're a player worth following. It brings up your status from a player to a community leader, and people love seeing players going out of their ways to support others.

I hope this post was helpful to many of you. Again, I want to help people grow, and I want to make sure the players that put in work in this scene get the attention they deserve. We have a great players on top of great people, and it saddens me to see many of you not getting the recognition you all deserve. So hopefully these points will help you grow overall. I may not be a top player myself, but I've gone out of my way to get myself noticed by other scenes/top players, and it's helped me grown tremendously. I hope many of you will reach that point as well.

No, I'm not putting a TL;DR, because there's no shortcut to fame. You gotta work for it. Enjoy your Sunday :)


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