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Smash 4 - Ganondorf: Uair Showcase

MGK - May 23, 2017

Ganondorf's Uair is one of those moves that does a bit of everything. It's a kill move, combo move, anti air, get off me move, a bair, edge / ledge guarding and for frame traps.

Everything you need to know about Ganondorf's Uair is in this Video:

Areas I cover:

1. Overview - 0:07
2. Stage usage - 1:07
3. Strong Uair Combos / Mix ups - 2:46
4. Reverse Strong Uair Combos / Mix ups - 3:50
5. Tipman Combos / Mix ups - 4:11
6. Tipman Platform (Tip'n'slide) - 4:47
7. Tipman Jablocks - 6:14
8. Edge / Ledge Guarding - 6:49
9. Avoiding Projectiles - 7:47

Key aspects of Ganondorf's Uair

  • Ganondorf's fastest aerial at frame 6 and best FAF
  • Amazing at ledge guarding
  • Tipman is one of the greatest things ever created
  • Auto cancels from a short hop for baits

If you have any questions, ask me on Twitter:

Thank you. 

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