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SSB World is currently a two person team that is looking for community volunteers who want to help the site expand and grow for Smash Switch. It is our mission to build the best Smash website & app and community support can accelerate this rapidly.

What’s in it for Volunteers?

We run on volunteer contributions and this is not a contract job and there is no pay. Volunteer team members get access to the following:

Volunteer Openings

We are looking for volunteers who like to build, test and experiment online and would prefer to work on a Smash related project. If you are the type who already spends significant time on Smash Twitter, Discord or Reddit, perhaps you can spend some of that time helping us build something bigger. We won’t manage your time at all but are looking for some consistency and reliability. We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Social Media Lead - click here to volunteer

Do you have what it takes to grow a brand online? Find the right balance of being helpful for the community, promoting our own content and Smash memes. Someone who regularly watches big Smash tournaments and can tweet along with the action is ideal. Willing to seek out partnerships and giveaways to build our brand. Looking for someone a bit analytical as our goal is to expand our reach and you can share numbers from Twitter analytics and Google analytics to show your impact.

Content Marketing Lead - click here to volunteer

We are looking for a blog editor who helps connect with the community and encourage content contributions. Ability to connect with Smash players and conduct interviews to create new content. You will ensure there is content published regularly and that the content quality is high by editing and formatting when necessary and applying SEO basics to each post.

Content Creator & Curator - click here to volunteer

Ability to find great external content (YouTube videos or matchup charts for example) and create posts on SSBWorld and attach them to the appropriate creator or character page. Ability to create content based on interesting community discussion topics.

Character Representatives - click here to volunteer

You will essentially be a moderator for a character on our site. It is your job to push the meta for your character on our site. You should be passionate and intelligent about a character and help ensure that information shared on our site is accurate. You help make sure that top players for the character are represented on our site and help create content with them to push the meta. Gather and share resources for your character.

Graphic Designer - click here to volunteer

Looking for someone who is interested in taking our data and turning them into interesting visuals for social media or blog content. Interest in improving our website and app design a plus.

Frontend Developer - click here to volunteer

Looking for a developer with experience with html, CSS, javascript, and PHP and MySQL.

App Developer - click here to volunteer

Looking for a developer with experience with React Native and/or iOS or Android app development. Experience with Linux and Apache is a plus.

Don't see your role?

Let us know what you can contribute to SSBWorld and we'll try and find you a place on the team. There are many more opportunities to help us with finding partnerships, data visualizations, content creation & moderation and more. - click here to volunteer

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