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Mario vs Marth

There are 317 games that feature Mario vs Marth in the SSB World database. Mario wins 46.06% of the games in this matchup. Marth wins this matchup 53.94% of the time.

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Marth can obviously use his aerials to edgeguard Mario. Players with good spacing can often hit tipper aerials offstage. But a common way for Marth players to edgeguard is using the counter. Since Mario has a tight and limited recovery. Marth is able to use the counter and counter Mario's multi-hits up b, and sends him enought that he can't recover back. You may even be able to use footstool to edgegaurd. Skilled footstooler (Mr E for example: )may able to double-footstool Mario offstage and completely take away that stock.
NaughtyPigMario - October 5, 2018

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