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Ness vs Rosalina & Luma

There are 199 games that feature Ness vs Rosalina & Luma in the SSB World database. Ness wins 43.22% of the games in this matchup. Rosalina & Luma wins this matchup 56.78% of the time.

Matchup Tips

Neutral (0)

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Recovering (1)


Mix up your recovery as much as possible, it is extremely easy for Rosa to take Ness' stock just my pulling away his PK thunder. Sometimes try drifting away slightly away from the stage to avoid the risk of Rosa going after you, but if they commit to the gimp, try counter attacking when they use gravitational pull offstage.
One Link Missing - September 17, 2018

Rosalina & Luma

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Landing (0)

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Edgeguarding (1)


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Rosalina & Luma

Press "down" and "b"
Ben - October 30, 2018

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