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Wi-Fi Warrior Rank: #41-50

Cloudhead - July 14, 2018

From the dawn of Smash 4 to now, online tournaments have been a staple in the game's vast competitive scene, allowing smashers from across the globe to duke it out from their own living rooms and test their strength against an incredibly diverse playerbase. For the first time ever, the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank has organized a comprehensive ranking system for ten of the most notable Wi-Fi series on the internet! From January to June of this year, every player was pitted against each other based on their placings, wins, and losses, and the fifty highest scoring warriors comprise the inaugural WWR. Read here for more information on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank and the weeklies that contribute to it. 

The top 50 will be unveiled in groups of 10 every other day starting on Saturday, July 14th. Stay tuned to to make sure you don’t miss any of the reveals!

  • Saturday, July 14th: #41-50
  • Monday, July 16th: #31-40
  • Wednesday, July 18th: #21-30
  • Friday, July 20th: #11-20
  • Sunday, July 22nd: #1-10



Kicking off the inaugural Wi-fi Warrior Rank is none other than Noku, a Diddy Kong main with an eye for top 8 and a hand full of bananas at all times. Nowhere else did he show his skills better than at Smashurai Mini 11th, where he finished at a very strong 4th place. Paying no mind to a losers' run out of pools, he eliminated Mikerowave, YoseFu, and ShinyMark to get to the top 4. With his strong main and solid Corrin secondary, Noku is never afraid to go bananas on the opposition, and that strength has earned him #50 on our ranking.


Thanks to the advent of Wi-fi, what happens in Vegas gets to happen to the rest of the world, too. What's happening is Frawg, who hops into 49th place on the Wi-fi Warrior rank. Among his accolades are a 2nd place finish at Smashing Legends 49 and a 5th place at Smashurai Mini 19, as well as victories over such players as MariyoTree, grayclash, and chemdev. He's one of the best Bayonettas in a Wi-fi world full of them, and I'd go so far as to say he's the toad-al package.


The first of many low-tier heroes on our list, Jhon carves out a spot for himself in the top 50 with his impressive Pit and Marth play. He has managed to achieve consistent top 8 placings in several series, such as his home turf of Eclipse Smash, where he made a number of lengthy runs to the top. Chief among them was Eclipse Smash #34, which saw him dispatch players like Zaxel, KenryckYT, and Horse en route to a close 2nd place. Coupled with twin 13th place finishes at highly tiered Smashurai events, Jhon's resume is as well-rounded as they come, and he should be highly regarded in any bracket he plays in.


Don't let your guard down, no matter which character he chooses - Zixvy can do it all. His Mewtwo, Bayonetta, Diddy Kong, and even Meta Knight helped him soar to top 8 at more than a few tournaments, including first place at SSA 30, where KenryckYT, Chemdev, and DarK all fell to him on the way. Coupled with the rest of his solid resume, Zixvy comes to a very deserved #47 on the WWR, and has all the potential to go even further in the future.


Not only is Bernihetero a mainstay as the leader of his mighty crew, StarFighterz, he's also a fearsome fighter on the Wi-fi front. The solo Rosalina & Luma specialist launched himself into top 8 of countless tournaments this season with the precise and smothering play his character is known for. An example of his resilience came from The Smash Bash: France Edition, where he was sent to losers early in pools; undeterred, he broke through the likes of R1HKami, Chusam, and Soki to claim 4th place at the series' summer finale. If you can't handle the power of the stars, don't expect to get past Berni any time soon.


Perhaps no low-tier hero deserves the title more than MASTER PUFFY. Through thick and thin, the Wi-fi icon has used solo Jigglypuff for all of Smash 4's lifespan, prevailing past supposedly impossible matchups to land himself on both the WWR and his native Mexico's top 50. One of his best runs came at The Smash Bash: Spring Finale, where he powered through a massive losers' run to 4th place, dispatching Otakuni, Rax, and SdN along the way. He makes his character look like she belongs at the top of the tier list, so that pocket Cloud isn't gonna do the trick - nothing stops Puffy from getting to the money and the glory.


The list of talented Texas Toon Links is an extensive one, and Black_Screen takes his talents from that list to 44th on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank. Most opponents who think they can handle him will be singing a different toon by the end of the match; he has both a win at Smashing Legends 31 and a 2nd place at Smashurai Summit Weekly 2 to his name. Between them, he scored victories over Frawg, Pokeout, iTheta, and even IcyMist's Bayonetta. His strength is undeniable - chances are, you'd prefer a black screen to one with this guy on it.


Whether it's in bracket or in the rankings of Guatemala, ShinyMark finds himself on top more often than not. One of the most renowned Wi-fi players around, he made his mark on Smashurai this season, including a shiny 1st place finish at Smashurai Mini 30. Unstoppable throughout the tournament, he took down Soki, Aejin, and outdueled Naoto twice to take the crown. His 72% and 71% win rates versus the top 50 and top 10 further speak to his incredible skill, despite his relatively few outings compared to his competitors. Taking all of his characters to the next level, ShinyMark certainly makes Guatemala Smash 4 proud.


He might be the one named Kite, but you'll be the one flying high when he grabs you anywhere between 60 and 90 percent. Ding-dong jokes aside, Kite's resume is one to be admired, with a myriad of strong showings at Smashurai events holding up a nice Smashing Legends win. With a formidable path ahead of him, Ravenking, Raza, and ForbiddenOne weren't enough to stop him from taking gold and carrying the day. Getting past Kite is no easy feat, and as anyone within pivot grab range will tell you, his #42 rank is more than well-earned.


The random icon in Kamii's image is a bit of a misnomer, although he has still gone all random in tournaments and done respectably. Rather, his run to 41st on the WWR was marked by so many victories with so many characters, we can't accurately list them all. To name just a few, he defeated Nibodax and Otakuni with Marth, Rax and RobinGG with Mario, and Bernihetero and Simon with a very skilled Roy. It's hard to know which characters we should have included on his graphic, but it's not hard at all to know that he deserves his inclusion on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank.


Congratulations to #41-50 of the Wi-fi Warrior Rank! We'll continue the reveals on Monday with #31-40 at 1:00 PM EDT. Good luck to everyone waiting for their spot!

-The WWR Team

  • Tacos (Chief Statistician)
  • Cloudhead (Statistician, Writer, GFX)
  • Dexter (Statistician)

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