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Wi-fi Warrior Rank: #31-40

Cloudhead - July 16, 2018

From the dawn of Smash 4 to now, online tournaments have been a staple in the game's vast competitive scene, allowing smashers from across the globe to duke it out from their own living rooms and test their strength against an incredibly diverse playerbase. For the first time ever, the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank has organized a comprehensive ranking system for ten of the most notable Wi-Fi series on the internet! From January to June of this year, every player was pitted against each other based on their placings, wins, and losses, and the fifty highest scoring warriors comprise the inaugural WWR. Read here for more information on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank and the weeklies that contribute to it. 

The top 50 will be unveiled in groups of 10 every other day starting on Saturday, July 14th. Stay tuned to to make sure you don’t miss any of the reveals!

  • Saturday, July 14th: #41-50
  • Monday, July 16th: #31-40
  • Wednesday, July 18th: #21-30
  • Friday, July 20th: #11-20
  • Sunday, July 22nd: #1-10


Please note that the results outlined in the graphics and paragraphs are not the full extent of the WWR's data. So long as a placing or win occurred at a tournament included in the ranking, it is represented in the full WWR data and properly contributed to the final product.



Very few players use bottom-tier characters with any frequency; even fewer play multiple, and fewer still find any amount of success in doing so. But that's exactly what iTheta has done, as his Little Mac and army of Mii Fighters have earned him the #40 spot on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank. Smashing Legends #69 showed both his skill and versatility; he shot down Le Elin with Mii Gunner and knocked out Chusam with Mac on the way to a strong 3rd place. Elsewhere, he picked up other wins on players such as Copper, Rax, and Frawg, proving that he can hang with the best of them. Most Miis look completely different, but most of iTheta's sets look exactly alike: with himself solidly on top.


Most Smash players know Cloudy (formerly known as Levi) as a devastating fighter and household name who's taken sets from stars like Kameme and Chag. But the Roy extraordinaire puts his skills to great use online as well, and with the help of his strong Sheik and Bayonetta secondaries, stakes his claim to 39th on the WWR. Among his variety of top 8 appearances are a victory at Smashing Legends 53 and a 3rd place finish at the TVSeries anniversary event, and set wins over players such as Urameshi, Horse, and iTheta, to name a few. An excellent player who can make it to the top under any circumstances, Cloudy is never to be underestimated, whether he's next to you on the setup or across the world.


Much like his character, when YoseFu is done with you, you'll hardly know what hit you. Perennially a top competitor at the series, Smashurai Mini 29 saw him defeat ShinyMark, y2a, Urameshi, and Ruby en route to his first ever Smashurai victory. Simon, Noku, and Naranja are among the other wins that led him to a resounding 38th place on the WWR. Be wary if you're in YoseFu's way; he wants nothing more than to punch his ticket to the next round, and to punch you into the blast zone.


No one should let their guard down at the sight of an unconventional character, and FuerzaDON is proof of why: with solo Shulk, he's gone on several dominating bracket runs and landed at 37th place on the WWR. Among his accolades are a first place finish at Eclipse Smash 29, where he broke through Otakuni and twice through Rax; and second place at King's Court V, where he outdueled MASTER PUFFY and Bennyandthejets to get to Grand Finals. FuerzaDON makes every swing of the Monado count - once he gets you, you'll be really feeling it in the morning.


Sliding into the WWR next is Mai, who didn't enter any WWR-relevant events until the second half, but more than made up for it with his stellar play. His victory at Smashurai Mini 28 featured set wins over players like Aejin, Kamii, and Ambien, and he picked up wins on Chusam, Sharp, and IcyMist at other tournaments across the season. His journey to the WWR might not have started until spring, but it blossomed into the #36 spot regardless. With a full season now at his disposal, he and his brutal Bayonetta play will look to go even further.


With the power of the Monado, Catalyst jumps onto the WWR at #35, backed up by a slew of impressive results. He took Smashurai by storm over the course of the season, stepping all over the podium with a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd to his name. The first place finish at Smashurai Mini 15 went particularly well for New Brunswick's finest, as he took down YoseFu, Kaby, and finally eliminated Sharp after a hard-fought three straight sets. He's a self-described Twitter fiend, but that's not all you should be following; if you're not watching Catalyst rip through bracket, you're missing out.


Aejin's impeccable play has made him renowned across several series and PRs, and that play has secured him the #34 spot on the WWR. His toughness as a competitor was put on full display at Smashurai Mini 12, where he was knocked into losers in pools. Unfazed, he went on a massive losers' run, plowing through players like YoseFu, ZekeTRP, and Le Elin, the latter being the one who'd defeated him in winners in the first place. Turning an early loss into an eventual second place is just the kind of mettle that brought Aejin to his position on the WWR; if you count him out before he's knocked out of losers, he'll be more than happy to prove you wrong.


Whether it's with Cloud, Diddy, or Mario, Jaxson always finds a way to bring the pain. A long list of top 8 finishes is capped off with a Smashing Legends 36 win, where he defeated players like Copper and Kury17. In addition, he's also cross-slashed grayclash, Jade, and OnyxChidori off his list, proving to be a threat to just about any opponent in bracket. Accolades such as these have brought him to 33rd on the inaugural WWR, and moving forward, you can bet he's not limited to just that.


It's tough to reach the level of success that ForbiddenOne has, but his efforts with his Pac-Man and Corrin co-mains have proven fruitful. His skill with both characters has led to a myriad of impressive results, chief among them being the #32 spot on the WWR. His run to victory at Smashurai Mini 12 saw him eliminate a veritable all-star cast, cutting through Zomba, Le Elin, ZekeTRP, and Aejin to take gold. His accomplishments certainly haven't gone unseen; most know that if you're not prepared to take on ForbiddenOne, you'd be wise to Pac your bags.


Nothing can stop Kirb as he burns through bracket, and nothing stopped him on his way to #31 on the WWR. His season was littered with strong results and deep tournament runs, his low attendance hardly keeping him from proving his might. A commanding victory at the final Eclipse Smash of the season was highlighted by victories over Mai, Urameshi, and a final 3-0 over RobinGG to take the tournament. There are a number of capable Mario players on the market, but Kirb is the pièce de résistance - don't think you're getting off easy against him.


Congratulations to #31-40 of the Wi-fi Warrior Rank! The next reveal comes on Wednesday with #21-30, as always coming out at 1:00 PM EDT. The picture is starting to become clearer, but it's not over yet - good luck to all those still waiting!

-The WWR Team

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