Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2: #21-30

Cloudhead - December 1, 2018

The Wi-fi Warrior Rank is a top 50 ranking devoted to the online Smash 4 scene, a global community where hundreds, perhaps thousands of unique players throw down and show their skills every day. For this v2 season, we've collected data from nine series spanning from July to this November, and we're releasing our top 50 in time to go full-force into the new Smash Bros. Ultimate! Read here for more information on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank and the weeklies that contribute to it, and join the Wi-fi Warrior Central discord to stay updated on its release.

The top 50 will be unveiled in groups of 10 every other day starting on Tuesday, November 27th. Stay tuned to SSBWorld.com to make sure you don’t miss any of the reveals!

  • Tuesday, Nov 27th @ 7:45 PM EDT: #41-50
  • Thursday, Nov 29th @ 6:00 PM EDT: #31-40
  • Saturday, Dec 1 @ 1:30 PM EDT: #21-30
  • Monday, Dec 3 @ 6:30 PM EDT: #11-20
  • Wednesday, Dec 5 @ 3:00 PM EDT: #1-10


Please note that the results outlined in the graphics and paragraphs are not the full extent of the WWR's data. So long as a placing or win occurred at a tournament included in the ranking, it is represented in the full WWR data and properly contributed to the final product.


Kicking off our top 30 is SpaceMiner, whose impressive results this season have earned him the title of best Wi-fi Toon Link. He achieved top 8 finishes in all six active series, including tournament wins at Eclipse 53 and Smash Station 115, and took out top-level opponents like Zaxel, Copper, and Chemdev throughout the season. SpaceMiner stays true to his character’s role of Hero of the Wind; if you meet him in bracket, he’ll blow you out of the water.



Zane, formerly known as Aejin, makes the WWR for a second straight successful season. He was a regular top 8 competitor in virtually every series he played in, culminating in a win at Smashing Legends 80 and a 9th place at Mushroom Kingdom Edition. His Bayonetta and vast roster of secondaries earned him wins over Copper, Rax, Blank, and more; with Cloud, Falcon, Mario, and more at his disposal, Zane is near impossible to predict. Zane will look to continue his rise up the rankings in Ultimate, where he’ll only have more options with which to wreak havoc on the bracket.



Coming in at 28th, Soki makes his high-speed debut on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank. The best Captain Falcon main on Wi-fi fought his way to performances like 3rd place at Smash Station 100: Zenkai Saga, where he defeated Le Elinndur, Derek9742, and Riddles. He routinely overcomes matchups that typically give Falcon trouble; particularly Bayonetta, who he’s defeated in the form of top players Chusam, Spirit, and Mikerowave. When he’s on a roll, there’s virtually nothing that can stop Soki; he’ll stomp, knee, and punch his way past you without a care in the world.



Wi-fi’s resident swordmaster, Le Elinndur, lands at #27 for her second appearance on the WWR. This season, she achieved a feat of remarkable skill and consistency, taking either first or second place at a tournament in each of the six active series. Between her Lucina, Corrin, and Cloud, she cut past opponents in style, boasting set wins on Chemdev, Zenkai, Sharp, and more. A familiar face at every series, Elin is more than a formidable force on the battlefield, with almost all matchups covered by her versatile band of swordfighters. She’ll have everything going for her next season as she aims for a third straight WWR appearance in Ultimate.



Once again the youngest player on the list, Zomba rose to the challenge of a new season and scored the #26 spot. After securing solid performances throughout the majority of the season, he capped it off by going on a tear at One More Game. After defeating ZekeTRP to make pools’ winners side, he took out Zach67671, RobinGG, and ShinyMark all in a row to get 7th place at the season’s final event. With skill far beyond his years, Zomba is among the scariest players to face in bracket, and he has all the time in the world to make his name in Ultimate.



The first player in the WWRv2’s top half is Justin, whose Roy is unparalleled on Wi-fi. 5th place at SL Monthly 11 and 9th place at Smashurai’s EVA Monthly create a strong foundation of majors in a season that saw him defeat top players such as Simon, Urameshi, and Zaxel. Showing mastery of an unconvential character that only looks better in Ultimate, he’s set to keep turning heads in Ultimate. Justin’s Roy is known for overcoming the odds, be it in the character matchup or the player. With an even better Roy on the horizon in Ultimate, he’s one to keep watching out for.



From one game to another, Pelca keeps on making a name for himself. Formerly ranked 93rd on the Brawl top 100, he hits #24 on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank, mainly thanks to a blistering finish to the season at One More Game. After dropping to losers in just his third set, he clawed his way to grand finals with 10 straight set wins, including ones over Kirb, Blank, Copper, and Joxon. He reset the bracket against Blacktwins before falling in a hard-fought set, finishing in second place out of a total two hundred sixty seven. Finishing with such an incredible peak, it goes without saying that Pelca will be on everyone’s radar from now on. He’s showed how good he is in two games so far - now it’s time for him to make it three.



The fireball-flinging Frenchman, Kirb, makes his triumphant return to the WWR at 23rd. His biggest selling point was his record at majors, placing in the points for three of the season’s most important events, including 7th place at Smashurai’s EVA Monthly. Between all the tournaments he attended, he took sets from top players like Loading, Bennyandthejets, and Stroder - all of whom are a rare sight to see, much less to defeat. Kirb is among the most dangerous players on Wi-fi when he attends, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. No France puns here; just another reminder of how Nice his play is.



We all like an ice-cold glass of lemonade, but on Wi-Fi, Lem0nade will be the one to ice you. Previously a hidden boss in the scene, his results flared up in spectacular fashion this season, earning him the #22 spot on the WWR. His accolades include a win at Eclipse #47 and a silver medal at Sunday Smash Attack’s Anniversary Edition, the latter of which being a major event. At the SSA Anniversary, he took out Spirit, SpaceMiner, Urameshi, and Zaxel consecutively, only falling to Zaxel’s Samus in two sets of grand finals. He’ll wall you out and take you down with more lemons than you know what to do with. But don’t get sour on him - no matter what you do, Lem0nade’s here to stay.



Another familiar face from the first WWR, Chusam slots in at 21st following a high-flying six months. Strong showings at majors like SS: Zenkai Saga and the Smashurai Finale supported victories at weeklies like Sunday Smash Attack 46. He stood strong with wins against six of last season’s top 20 and four of the top 10; despite his drop in the rankings, Chusam has more than proved he’s still got what it takes. An unpredictable force with several pockets to support his Bayo and Brawler, Chusam can never be counted out. He’s one of the safest bets to keep up his star status as the new game approaches.


Congratulations to #21-30 of the Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2! Now there's only the illustrious top 20 left to go. Think you know who they all are? We'll reveal them in two days, this Monday at 6:30 PM EST - and in doing so, we'll all but lock in the top 10. Make sure to drop by Wi-fi Warrior Central to see it all happen!

-The WWR Team

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