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Wi-fi Warrior Rank: #11-20

Cloudhead - July 20, 2018

From the dawn of Smash 4 to now, online tournaments have been a staple in the game's vast competitive scene, allowing smashers from across the globe to duke it out from their own living rooms and test their strength against an incredibly diverse playerbase. For the first time ever, the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank has organized a comprehensive ranking system for ten of the most notable Wi-Fi series on the internet! From January to June of this year, every player was pitted against each other based on their placings, wins, and losses, and the fifty highest scoring warriors comprise the inaugural WWR. Read here for more information on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank and the weeklies that contribute to it. 

The top 50 will be unveiled in groups of 10 every other day starting on Saturday, July 14th. Stay tuned to to make sure you don’t miss any of the reveals!

  • Saturday, July 14th: #41-50
  • Monday, July 16th: #31-40
  • Wednesday, July 18th: #21-30
  • Friday, July 20th: #11-20
  • Sunday, July 22nd: #1-10


Please note that the results outlined in the graphics and paragraphs are not the full extent of the WWR's data. So long as a placing or win occurred at a tournament included in the ranking, it is represented in the full WWR data and properly contributed to the final product.


Racing into the #20 spot is none other than Horse, whose prowess with Bayonetta and Ness makes him a true force to be reckoned with. Over the course of the season, he consistently put forth top 8 performances across multiple different tournament series, including a victory at Smashing Legends 52. His wins include multiple over each of Lalo, SdN, ForbiddenOne, and Aejin, proving his ability to go toe-to-toe with his fellow WWR members. A formidable player both on or offline, there's no better player than Horse to kick off the top 20.


It's hard to pin down exactly what makes Naranja so good, but all his many strengths have brought him to #19 on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank. This dragon-blooded warrior put up incredible numbers throughout the season, surging to performances like his second place at Smashurai Circuit Weekly 11. Ripping through the bracket, he knocked out Otakuni, Naoto, and Rax, adding yet another sparkling silver medal to his spectacular stat line. A master of his character, Naranja puts everything about Corrin together and strikes down his opponents in seconds. Orange you glad you're not on the receiving end of that pin?


One of the most consistently strong players on the list, Chemdev is a daunting name to face anywhere in bracket. This Bayo specialist shot down the competition all season, flying high to twin wins at Smashing Legends and a 2nd place at his very own Sunday Smash Attacks saga. Along the way, he picked up wins over Sharp, Kury, YoseFu, and more; and he gave the top 10 a run for their money, coming in just one set below even with them. It all goes to show that no matter what, you can never shake Chemdev - when all the odds are against him, he's in his element.


While this might not be the first Blank you think of when it comes to suffocating Sheik players, he's a terrifying force all the same. Known for both his stellar Sheik and Peach play, a huge midseason surge brought Blank to the #17 spot on our rankings. His skill was on full display at the Smashurai series, where he picked up a win and a 3rd place at two of their bigger events. He also carries with him another more than solid record against the top 10; beyond just them, he's taken sets from Horse, Kury, Otakuni, and many others from the top 50. Don't think even a game is guaranteed when you're up against someone this good - unless you play near perfectly, you might just get blanked.


When you think Wi-fi, you think Bennyandthejets, and for good reason - the man does little else but win here. The best R.O.B. on the scene made his presence known in relatively few outings this season, culminating in a Smashurai Summit Weekly that saw him knock out Naoto and double-eliminate RobinGG for the win. He took his skills to the Smash Bash Spring Finale as well, breaking down Zixvy, Bernihetero, and SdN to earn 3rd place. R.O.B. isn't a common character anywhere, but he's weird and he's wonderful, and Benny is really keen - keen on grinding his opponents into the dirt, that is. He deserves every win he's gotten, so only one John allowed.


Luisfer is a star no matter where he goes; he's fought far into every EVO bracket he's been to, and his devastating Diddy Kong is just as dangerous online. This time around, he made the biggest splash at the Smashurai series; he won a stacked Smashurai Mini 25 and took second at two more massive events. His record leaves practically nothing to be desired, either; he's bested Copper, Chusam, Zaxel, and Naranja, and more or less whoever else he pleases. Another veritable star of Wi-fi, Luisfer has proven his mettle time and time again. I'd say don't trip, but he won't give you much of a choice.


She may have an absolute arsenal of strong swordfighters at her disposal, but Le Elin cut no corners in getting to her spot on the WWR. Her tournament records are impressive; in addition to winning SSA 25 and defeating Copper and Kury, she also turned in a stellar 9th place performance at Smashurai Circuit Weekly 12 in which she took a massive upset over IcyMist. However, what's more impressive than any one tournament result is a particular win record of hers. While neither her top 50 nor top 10 stand out, she holds an astounding 8-6 record against the top five, a feat few others can claim to have achieved. Le Elin emerges victorious all over the place, especially when it matters most, making it no surprise that she's fought her way to 14th on the WWR.


Very few people are as handy with Yoshi as ZekeTRP, who takes his character's strengths to the eggstreme and rolls right into our top 20. He knocked it out of the park right off the bat at Flamewave Neo 3, winning against Rax, Cloudy, and a doubleheader versus Maister. Smashurai Circuit Monthly was similarly successful; despite a curious DQ from winners' bracket, he took down FuerzaDON, grayclash, and Simon to reach 2nd place at a tournament packed with skilled players. Such resounding wins as these have earned him 13th place on the WWR, and with such a strong ranking, we can safely say Zeke is in the pink.


You haven't truly seen it all until you've seen the magic SdN makes with Kirby, and it's that same magic that's warped him right to 12th on the WWR. With some help from a strong Cloud secondary, he smashed his way to 1st place at both Flamewave Neo 5 and Smashurai Circuit Weekly 6, two high-profile tournament wins. Couple that with wins against Rax, chemdev, Simon, and countless others, and it's no surprise that he's made it this far with everybody's favorite puffball. By day, his character choice may look cute and harmless, but by the shadow of the night, it's all but over for anyone in his way.


The last person before our top 10 is the last person you'll want to clash with. Grayclash rounds out our penultimate list, a mighty Bayonetta player from Maryland who likes going on nigh-unstoppable runs. Smashurai Mini 13 ended in a decisive victory for him, and he added several high placings across all of the Smashurai Dojo Circuit, taking nearly every win possible from the series. He compiled several wins on SdN, Le Elin, Naranja, Lalo, and many more formidable foes over the course of the last six months. In this game and especially on Wi-fi, the line between the best and those below them is often blurred, but there's no gray area with this one - Grayclash is a pro all the way.


Congratulations to #11-20 of the Wi-fi Warrior Rank! That's four reveals down, one to go. By now, the top 10 most likely know who they are, but their spots within that ten is still up in the air. It's still anybody's game.

Who will be our #1 Wi-fi Warrior? We'll meet you at 2:30 PM EDT this Sunday to reveal it once and for all! Until then, good luck, and congrats to all our top 50 so far!

-The WWR Team

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