Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2: #1-10 (FINAL)

Cloudhead - December 5, 2018

It's almost over.

The final reveal of the Wi-fi Warrior Rank is upon us; in just a few moments (or right now, if you're skipping this whole paragraph like you probably are), the top 10 players in Smash 4 Wi-Fi's final season will be unveiled. And in just two short days (omg), Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released to the public, beginning the newest and possibly biggest era of Smash Bros. ever!

Before we hit that, I want to thank everybody in the online community - not just for your support of the WWR, although I appreciate that with all my heart. But thank you to everyone who played in online tournaments, from PG Key to Naifu Wars to Smashurai to One More Game. We've created something wonderful here - imperfect, but wonderful. I've made so many friends through the Wi-Fi scene, some of whom have honestly changed my life for the better. Even if lag is infuriating sometimes, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the online Smash 4 community has been one of the best and most positive things in the game. Once again, to every single person who ever set foot in our scene, thank you so much for everything. :)

Now, without further ado, it's time for the final reveal. Click the links below to see the rest of the top 50, and keep scrolling for the top 10 of the WWRv2!

  • Tuesday, Nov 27th @ 7:45 PM EDT: #41-50
  • Thursday, Nov 29th @ 6:00 PM EDT: #31-40
  • Saturday, Dec 1 @ 1:30 PM EDT: #21-30
  • Monday, Dec 3 @ 6:30 PM EDT: #11-20
  • Wednesday, Dec 5 @ 3:00 PM EDT: #1-10


Please note that the results outlined in the graphics and paragraphs are not the full extent of the WWR's data. So long as a placing or win occurred at a tournament included in the ranking, it is represented in the full WWR data and properly contributed to the final product.



The first member of the top 10 is once again Naoto, the Mac and Corrin co-main whose pins and punches strike fear into even the toughest opponents. He keeps his #10 spot despite playing for less than half of this season, an incredible feat made possible by many others. He started the season with a bang, taking 4th place at Smashurai’s EVA Monthly, knocking out players such as ShinyMark, YoseFu, and Kury17. He followed it up in August by scoring 3rd place at RobinGG Edition, not only delivering in singles but also in the crew battle the next day. With the ability to take stocks in the blink of an eye, you’re never safe against Naoto. Don’t sell him short - he’ll be back in the game for Ultimate to keep terrorizing every scene he can get his hands on.



Undoubtedly the best Pac-Man that Wi-Fi has ever seen, Copper returns to the top 10 after another successful season. Like many others in this top 10, he cashed in at the biggest events of the year, with top 8 at two of the season’s three S-tiers. He rode a massive losers’ run to 7th place at One More Game; after dropping his very first set, he devoured eight straight opponents, including SpaceMiner, Le Elinndur, Naranja, and Mikerowave. Copper finishes his Smash 4 career as one of the most consistent and ever-present threats in the scene, able to make it work with perhaps the single most unconventional character in the game. Whatever happens in Ultimate, you can count on him to show up and win just the same.



The best Wi-fi Cloud; the King of the Caribbean; Top Tenryck. You can call KenryckYT anything you want, but now you can call him the #8 player on the WWR! Hailing from the island of Curacao, Kenryck’s season saw him go from flashes of brilliance to a shining star, becoming one of the biggest threats in all of Wi-Fi. At RobinGG Edition, he made waves by knocking Robin into the losers’ bracket at his own event, finishing in 9th place in the end. He continued his torrid pace by taking tournaments like Flamewave Neo 21, beating Pokelam, Zenkai, and Horse; and taking the crown at SS 119: Bowsette Saga, outdueling Burst and Pelca for the win. A candidate for the most improved player of the season, Kenryck has more than shown the world what he’s capable of. Now he goes into Ultimate with one goal in mind: to break every limit and become the very best.



One of the best Wi-Fi players of all time, ShinyMark takes his rightful spot in the top 10 after a wonderful season. ShinyMark embodies the phrase “expect the unexpected”; a master of character diversity, he showed incredible skill no matter who he was playing as. He earned 7th place at the Smashurai EVA Monthly with almost all Pikachu; he got 9th at One More Game with solo Greninja; he even got 3rd place at an SL with just Lucas. His crowning achievement was his silver medal at the Smashurai Finale; he tore through the bracket with every character in his repertoire, including a surprise Wario pick that took down IcyMist herself in a stunning upset. It’s safe to say there’s nothing ShinyMark can’t do, so keeping himself at the top should be no problem at all. If you want to beat ShinyMark in Ultimate, you’d better study up - that’s 70+ characters he can and will trash you with.



It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for - Joxon, Wi-Fi’s biggest and baddest Ganon main, finishes at 6th place on the WWRv2. Joxon kept himself well within the top 50 conversation all season; he took 9th place at RobinGG Edition with an upset over Copper, and won weeklies at Smashing Legends and TVSeries. But his season came to a thrilling end with a cinderella run to 3rd place finish at One More Game, that had the whole Wi-Fi scene cheering him on. Faced with a gauntlet of deadly opponents, he overcame all odds to take down Zenkai, Slither2Hunter, Kirb, and ShinyMark all in a row, shattering every expectation and proving that tier lists are just friendly suggestions. With a legacy of victory using nothing but a bottom 5 character, it’s safe to say he’ll keep it up no matter where Ganon lands on the Ultimate tier lists. You can play any top tier you want to try and trip him up, but it won’t matter - as they say, the Joxon you.



With equally devastating Peach and Sheik co-mains, Blank rises to 5th place on the WWRv2. He was a lock for top 8 at virtually every tournament he attended, with 1st and 2nd place finishes galore across the board. Even at major events, he was always in the conversation, scoring 9th place at One More Game and 7th place at RobinGG Edition. His player wins were just as impressive; not only does he have sets on titans like Chemdev, Zaxel, and RobinGG, he also boasts a dominant 7-0 record on Sharp at WWR events. Blank’s amazing finish should come as no surprise to anyone who’s played him; whether it’s his perfect Peach or stellar Sheik, Blank always finds his way to the top. He’s looking set for the new game as he goes for a third straight season of success.



One of the most dominant players in the entire Wi-Fi scene, Loading… becomes the only returning player to the top 5 thanks to a season of spectacular play. He debuted at the S-tier event RobinGG Edition, blowing through Mikerowave, Joxon, Naoto, and Urameshi for a near-perfect 1st place. Chemdev Saga saw him put on a show yet again, as he took down Bennyandthejets, Sonix, and yeti in a lengthy losers’ run; he would get 2nd place to IcyMist in the end. With equal dominance in precise combos and suffocating projectile walls, Loading’s Mega Man is something to be feared, no matter how good you are. He’ll return in Ultimate to climb the rankings, both here and in Europe - this rising star is nowhere near finished racking up accomplishments.



RobinGG ends the WWRv2 at #3, furthering his dominant reputation in the Smash 4 Wi-fi scene. Already one of the kings of Eclipse, he expanded his reach to win Dragonborn’s Season 2 Finale, TLT 5, and score second place at the final Smashurai Mini. At his own tournament, Eclipse 50: RobinGG Edition, he overcame a relatively early upset to finish at 5th place, breaking through Sharp, Blank, and more on the way. And at one of the last Smash Stations of the year, he finally broke Urameshi’s perfect record on him, taking him down 3-0 with all Peach in the first set of grands. Facing mighty challenges and adversity at every turn this season, Robin proved able to rise above everything and end Smash 4 as one of the best players in all of Wi-Fi. With his main looking even better in Ultimate than before, only good things should be on the horizon; in other words, everything is looking just peachy for Robin.



Is there anything Chemdev can’t do? The best Wi-Fi Bayonetta player in the game today, he finishes in 2nd place on the WWR thanks to a season full of massive accomplishments. His overwhelming success saw him take 1st place at literally every series he played in this season, including at the A-tier Mushroom Kingdom Edition and a multitude of Smashing Legends events. This, in turn, made him the first person in history to simultaneously top both Eclipse and SL’s power rankings, making him king of the two biggest Wi-Fi series at once. His player wins included almost all of the current top 10, as he notably rose to become one of RobinGG’s greatest threats and dethrone him from the top spot in Eclipse. You name it; Chemdev has done it this season. Riding into Ultimate with a dominant reputation, he’ll have a lot of top spots to defend in the new game; but he’s never shied away from a challenge before. Look for him to stay soundly at the top and add to his lengthy list of achievements.



Soaring to the greatest heights possible, Urameshi takes the number 1 spot in the wake of a stellar season. Wi-fi’s premiere Meta Knight main proved his merit with second place at two of the seasons’ biggest events, Smashurai Summit: EVA Monthly and Eclipse #50: RobinGG Edition. In addition to wins over Bennyandthejets, Rax, and Naoto, he took a hard-fought set against the reigning #1 IcyMist, one of only four players to do so this WWR season. Despite not taking a major for himself this season, his consistency at such events is near-unparalleled, and his set count against top players is just as spectacular. With one of the most lethal punish games in Smash at his fingertips, Urameshi is deservedly known as one of the most dangerous players around. Expect nothing less in the transition to Ultimate, as this prolific player and streamer sits at the very top of his class both here and in his home region of Las Vegas.


Congratulations to the members of the Wi-fi Warrior Rank v2!

I'm very happy to say that even though it still isn't flawless, I think this ranking turned out even better than the first. There's always gonna be twists and turns and surprises and Ganons in top 10 along the way, but that's all part of the fun, right?

Once again, we'll be continuing our rankings into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Following the release of the new game, we'll be continuing the offseason until further notice; more info on the schedule will be coming very soon. As always, stay tuned in the WWC discord for all the info you need. Until then, thank you one last time. Smash 4 has been a wonderful journey, and we're thrilled to have taken it with you all.

We'll see you in Ultimate!


-The WWR Team: Tacos, Cloudhead, Dexter Reid, & Powergeorge5

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