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Wario's Bike, an Analysis

Overview Wario's side special, or "Bike" as its commonly referred to, is a very useful tool for wario mains, but can be very confusing for non-Wario players. The strange hitboxes,...

Marsh - May 2, 2017
The Importance of Spacing and Movement

Within the Smash 4 community, much like any community centered around a fighting game, much of the hype comes from "big moments".  You see countless videos posted about cool t...

Zephyr - May 2, 2017
Glitch 3: A Rare Breed

The third iteration of the VGBC team’s super regional will be emanating from the hallowed halls of Xanadu this weekend. The same Maryland/Virginia regulars will be in attenda...

Brosalina - May 2, 2017
Smash Na Invicta #5 Wrap Up

If you are from the Portuguese scene you probably know we haven't been so lucky in terms of recording our sets (my laptop broke and here in the North I was the only one with captur...

Daiki (Portugal) - May 2, 2017
Footstools and Ganondorf

As a disclaimer I'm not an experienced writer or blogger, and will be writing this via mobile. Grounded Down Air is untechable So anyway, to start I'd like to say I think using e...

Opana - May 2, 2017
On Bayo Planking and Ledge Grab Limit

First of for those of you who do not know what a ledge grab limit is let me define it for you. It is a rule that states that "if a match ends in time out, and a player has grabbed ...

Blank - May 1, 2017
Breaking Down "Safe on Shield"

Shielding is one of the most effective ways to avoid taking damage; so much so that much of the Smash 4 metagame is designed around taking advantage of, working around, and trickin...

Z2G - May 1, 2017
Launch Speed Influence

I have been getting this question a lot, and since I haven't made a proper video (because I'm bad at making one lol) it would be better to post a full explanation about it here. F...

Ruben - May 1, 2017
Standing Grab Visualization

I was inspired by Floor and sjb.dario from Smashboards to make this chart. Floor made a visual of Marth's frame data and sjb.dario made one of Palutena's frame data. As stated in t...

lRasha - May 1, 2017
Central Coast Smash #1

Hey guys, it's Jazara! I'm a Sheik player from the Central Coast of California. I'm currently ranked #4 in my city and the Central Coast's PR hasn't come out yet so I don't have a ...

Jazara - May 1, 2017
Ganondorf: Dash Attack showcase

Ganondorf's Dash Attack is one of the best Dash Attacks in the game ever since in 1.1.5 when it got buffed. It's a combo move, amazing burst option, great at catching landings and ...

MGK - April 29, 2017
The Toot Toot - Mr. Game & Watch

If you're a Mr. Game and Watch main then you should already be aware of the toot toot combo (downthrow to upair). Much like DK's Ding Dong, the toot toot is pretty much a free KO f...

Dingus Joe - April 29, 2017
Schrödinger's Warlock: A Boot Between Worlds

Ganon is an exceptionally unique character. He's routinely cited as among the worst -- sometimes the worst. Though it's hard to argue otherwise, this somehow gives most o...

Vermanubis - April 29, 2017
One Step at a Time #1: Keep Calm at Tournaments

Hello and welcome to my first blog! This blog is part of a new series that is going to be called “One Step at a Time”. I’m aiming to publish a new entry every We...

Kesa - April 29, 2017
How to Stream Smash Bros Tournaments Like You Know What You Are Doing

Introduction Hey there! I wrote this guide for people who are somewhat new to streaming and recording fighting game tournaments. It shows the basics of how to control your stream ...

Millarz - April 28, 2017
Introducing SSB World Player Blogs

Hi SSB World Community, Today, we're excited to launch a new feature called Player Blogs. The goal is simple, we want to empower the Smash Players with the ability to easily creat...

FGO Loco - April 27, 2017
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